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Re-Imagining One Of The World's Most Famous Foods

Big Stick Willy's, a fast-growing startup looking to reinvent a late-night staple, had a problem. They were getting people to listen. But once they sent over their assets, they had trouble getting to a next step.

We worked with their team to isolate BSW's story, understand what makes them special, and came out with a whole new portfolio of key assets.

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Cynopsis Sports Awards

Winner, Best Use Of Facebook | 2017
Clio Advertising Awards

Honorable Mention
Best American Sports Writing

Honorable Mention
Sports Business Awards

Winner, Best In Sports Tech | 2022
Content executions with Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Doris Burke, Desus & Mero and many more
Act Global Think Local

Taking The Game Global

Kevin Scheitrum spent most of his 9 years at the NBA helping to build one of the most sophisticated, localized content operations in the world -- with a focus on using content to drive business results.

Tailoring content and storytelling to international audiences, Kevin helped improve League Pass signups from international social by 143% and push notification open rates by 50%.

Branding, Social Media, PR & eCommerce

Community. Creativity.

The Bronx Brewery is unlike any brewery anywhere. But with a location that's hard to reach and a brand that needed an update, Kevin worked with the incredible BXB team to develop a new brand identity -- one based around collaboration, community and storytelling.

During COVID, Kevin built the brewery's first D2C operation, replacing Taproom revenue with one of New York State's first beer delivery operations.

By 2021, @TheBronxBrewery Instagram became the 3rd fastest growing feed among all NYC breweries, up from 8th in 2019.

Web3 / Metaverse

Welcome To Web3

Dapper Labs introduced the world to NFTs when NBA Top Shot went viral in 2021.

In Kevin's time at Dapper, building out its first content marketing team, social and email drove millions of transactions. Meanwhile, he helped launch the Flash Challenges product -- driving more than $80 million of transaction volume with the innovation.


49x Return On Ad Spend

In 2017, Kevin paired with NBA Marketing to re-think how WNBA tickets were being sold via paid social.

By identifying likely buyers, and creating custom, relevant content, the 3-week test was 49x more efficient than the average ad spend on WNBA social throughout the season.

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